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There are just as many types of people as their are expectations on how to manage your personal or business finances. Some people like to just look at the day-to-day activity as the bank shows you, others micro manage and know where every penny will be spent down to the minute. Either of these types of persons can benefit from the power of Cents2Sense. You can make it as simple as creating a separate account to just enter some "what if" numbers or as complex as multiple accounts that interlink and transfer monies between them.

Why should I use Cents2Sense?
Real world situations.

Joe does not think that he needs to waste time with "managing" his accounts.
Joe says "Hell, I get my bank balance at the bottom of every ATM receipt." So... One day, Joe owes his buddy $50.00 and his last ATM receipt says he has $67.39, so he pulls $60.00 to pay his debit in full. Two days later Joe checks his balance and it to his surprise it reads "-55.56". He, of course he expected $7.39 for his balance. What he 'forgot' was the 12.95 monthly checking fee his bank charges. If Joe had even the simplest of a check register and had the fore thought to put an entry in for the expected future fee or other future debits, he would have been saved the $50.00 overdraft fee.
+67.39 Balance
-60.00 ATM withdrawal
-12.95 Monthly fee ARGH!
-50.00 Overdraft Fee
-55.56 Balance
Susie has a credit card debit that she wants to pay down and ultimately pay off.
Susie's monthly bills vary a bit each month so she can't pay the same amount each month. To figure out what she should pay each month, Susie decides to create account item in her register for all of her known future bills for the next 2 years. For each of these, she estimates a bit high to make sure the value is always lowered in her register yielding unexpected 'extra' money. Susie feels comfortable that she will make sure that she has a total $200.00 left in her account at the end of every pay period. She knows she would never have a normal bill that exceeds this amount except for her car payment and rent payment. These are amounts that don't change each month. After that she adds an entry for her 'guess-ta-mation' (in the absence of a real value, estimate the darn best you can!) of what her pay might be each period. Be sure to use the low end so that any extra hours worked or bonus received (in her dreams) is again... Extra Yeah! (remember our goal? the creditcard?) Then she adds an entry every month adjusting the registers balance so that no future balance is ever less than the decided upon $200.00. Susie is now happy to find out that she will have her credit card paid off before the thought.

There is just no substitute to having the tools to see where you could be or will be by entering estimated items in to your register. Change "can I afford this?" and "am I making for loosing money each month?" into a real financial plan. With the tools in Cents2Sense like the "Bulk Add" function, you can easily build out and view your financial future.

The application was designed to make sure that ALL of the functionality will work on every device from the smallest smart phone screen up to the large screen space of your desktop. There is much power built into today's mobile computing devices and Cents2Sense has the power to make use of it! The primary developer of Cents2Sense is Pat Ellison and he uses the app daily as his sole financial app. If you find something that you like very much...or don't let use know, you may drive a change that helps all the other users get get more out of our app. You will find ways to contact us on the "Contact Us" page.

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